Artist City

Has been created by Clementina Rocha and Armando Pascual Jr.

Clementina Rocha

Is an actress, writer and theater producer who has had a career full of satisfaction that have led to love art in all its expressions, being one of the most treasured dance and theater. She has had the pleasure of starring in films to international levels and also to bring culture and entertainment to children, workers and students in schools, factories or in the most renowned theaters in Mexico City and the interior of Mexico.


Armando Pascual Jr.

Has an artistic tradition, is the fourth generation of a family that has always enjoyed all artistic expression like music, literature, dance, film and theater course. Because of this, a child could enter the art, with study and taught mainly by her mother discipline, he reached the goal he dreamed since childhood to be an artist in different ambit of art becoming an actor, dancer, singer, stage designer, painter, sculptor, makeup artist, character makeup, director and producer of theater.

In 1985 while still very young , Clementina and Armando began his career as a theatrical producer , was then they realized that in Mexico despite being a city in which abound artists with great ability and talent , both at professional or those who practice an art just for the pleasure of it , did not have a place where you could find all kinds of specialized products for different performing arts, making it extremely difficult to achieve for many the full realization of their ideas and not for lack of talent , study or discipline, but by the lack of suitable materials to carry full artistic activity.

But it was not until in 1998 after having worked abroad and return to produce theater in Mexico city who returned to suffer the consequences of not having all the elements to be able to make a production as they wished, then they decided that if no one is going to take the responsibility for having this space where the scenic artist can find everything they need to reach your goal as he dreamed, because then they would be the task of doing so.

​And so it was that in June 1999 ARTIST CITY born.